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Robert Jaso is a French professional photographer with 30 years of experience all over the world, who has decided to explore a new artistic adventure.

He has created a new transfer printing technique that cleverly combines the use of today's technology with his own artisanal methods. His ambition to create something totally unique is evident in his work, as if he wanted to remind us that art should not always be taken so seriously. He believes in the creativity of chaos and encourages spectators to look more deeply into the art presented in front of them.

Robert's art is characterized by its ability to challenge the viewer and evoke deep emotions. Throughhis experimental drive and meticulousness, Robert creates works of art that are both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally engaging. The combination of photography and his printing technique creates a unique texture that adds a layer of complexity to his work. The images he creates are not only visually striking, but also aim to interrogate disorder, making the viewer wonder about what they are seeing and experience a range of emotions, from joy to sadness and even fear. His work, forcesus to look more deeply at the world around us and confront emotions that we would otherwise ignore or suppress. He aspires to create works of art that have a lasting impact on the viewer, one that stays with them long after they leave the gallery.

The emotional power of his work is a key factor that sets his work apart. It is evident that his works have the ability to evoke strong emotions in viewers, and the unique techniques he employs make his work truly remarkable, engaging and unforgettable.

Robert is an artist who has always been captivated by the combination of photography and painting. His unique approach involves using a camera to capture a scene, then printing in a truly artisanal manner, transferring it by hand onto photographic paper to create something truly one-of-a-kind, an art piece that stands alone.
At first, Robert's approach may seem counterintuitive. After all, why print with this method an image that has already been captured by a camera? But for Robert, being able to act manually on the image adds a layer of depth and complexity to the image that can't be achieved through photography alone. One of the main advantages of Robert's transfer printing technique is that it allows him to play with inks and various products by selecting certain areas of the print. He can create a feeling of depth and dimension that otherwise wouldn't be possible. Another advantage is how his prints emphasize certain details within the image. By brushing and using various products to contract or expand ink, Robert can draw attention to specific elements he wants viewers to focus on.

The transfer printing technique is an advanced yet artisanal method used to create high-quality prints. This method involves printing an image onto a specially designed transfer paper. Once the image is printed onto the transfer paper, it is placed onto the target surface, such as photographic paper, and then firmly pressed by hand, using specialized tools for a simultaneous and unique transfer of the image and ink. This process is similar to that of a polaroid snapshot. Once the polaroid is developed, the chemical paper is discarded, leaving only the obtained photo. Similarly, after the image is transferred onto the target surface, the transfer paper is removed leaving only the printed image. To increase the precision and efficiency of the process, a thermal press can also be used. It is important to note that the image may vary depending on the quality of the photographic paper used, the humidity or temperature in the room.

Therefore, Robert is a melting pot of Photography, Painting, Technique and Sensitivity on his way toward new adventures while spreading his vision of the Beautiful.


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