Robert Jaso is a renowned photographer and contemporary artist whose artwork is known for its unique blend of abstract and figurative elements. His artistic style is characterized bya unique process, vibrant colors, and dynamic compositions that captivate the viewer's attention.

Recently Robert has shown his work in Venice, in Florence (Italy) and in Paris (France) thanks to different exhibitions and solo shows presenting a selection of some of his best works, providing a glimpse into his artistic journey and evolution. The carefully curated collection of photographs and prints paintings pleased the numerous visitors.

This is why Robert is now looking for more opportunities to meet collectors, photography enthusiasts, art lovers or simply people who appreciate the beauty of visual arts.

In other words, featuring breathtaking photography and captivating prints, this artist's works are a visual feast that will add depth and intrigue to your gallery's collection or your events.

For more information or to book an exhibition and let the exquisite details, evocative themes, and sheer talent of Robert Jaso’s works mesmerize your gallery's visitors please make inquiries on our contact page.


Florence Biennale - 2023
Art Basel Swizterland (Artbox  Project) - 2023
Solo Show - Club Med Paris (Passi) - 2023
Solo Show - Club Med Paris (Champs Elysées) - 2023
Solo Show - Macha Galerie - 2023
Florence Biennale - 2021


Artworks visible everyday at Masha Gallery (France).


Exposition Robert Jaso Florence 2021

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